Eyran Seawind

The secretary of the Hawksteeth Legion, who negotiated part of the Legion's transfer of command from Conrad to the revolution.


After the destruction of the Godshards and the end of slavery in the Tradesea, Minaerum entered into a period of civil war and crisis. The Hawksteeth Legion had by this time suffered attrition because its senior leadership had been recruited to serve foreign nations.

Gery Hawksteeth had become Count of the Isle of Woman in Talland, and defected to become Marshal and Duke in Foral’tir. Maydan Fazier served as one of Mennas’ chief court wizards. Ziella of Tännhauser had long since been murdered by Ahriman. Wals the Forecful was therefore left in charge of the Hawksteeth, and lesser officers had quickly risen to positions of power.

When the civil war broke out, the Hawksteeth Legion became an ideal vessel for Mennas and his axis to control events in Minaerum. Eyran Seawind became the perfect candidate to be put as Lord Protector.


Eyran Seawind

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