• Brokk


    Brokk is a former gladiator who was sold into slavery when he kept losing his fights. He's big, tough and doesn't really know how to talk to people.
  • Charlie


    Atarite alchemist from Underfall. Altos was his adoptive father. Returned to Talland to set things right.
  • Dakara


    Paladin of the Stepfathers, sent to accompany Mennas to Gnomeland and scout ahead.
  • Dorathion Ash

    Dorathion Ash

    A distant relative of Empress Agatha III. Was exiled. Returned to promote Filippos as Emperor.
  • Hechin


    A cleric from south of the God's Teeth.
  • Matthias Swiftstrings

    Matthias Swiftstrings

    A bard from Haak, he ridiculed a noble and was sold into slavery for it.
  • Mennas Merniso

    Mennas Merniso

    The exiled Gnomish prince of House Merniso, crowned Mennas II.
  • Richard Cipher

    Richard Cipher

    Formerly of Redwind Isle, he was sold into slavery on Talland. He is a capable sorcerer and a mighty farmer.
  • TomTom


    The Magic Six Fairy.
  • 07 Inevitable

    07 Inevitable

    An Inevitable 'prototype' that believes in the destruction of reality and joined Ahriman.
  • Abun-sid-Ores


    Grand Hierophant of the Order of the Dawnflower.
  • Adam Anderson

    Adam Anderson

    A man in the smelting business who claims to sympathize with the Tall Tales adventurer's anti-slavery revolution, but he was actually a douche.
  • Adelia


    Archduchess of Vasan. A member of the Vishkanya race.
  • Adima


    Water genie who Brokk found while looking for the Crafting Matrix.
  • Adlai


    A Hound Archon who gave up her status to join the Rising Fire against Ahriman.
  • Aedefelt


    A black cat who is actually a Cait Sith, an Agathion. He helped Ash escape from his enemies, and then sent the Tall Tales characters on a quest to the Isle of Wights after Rutger was accepted as the new Baron of Moran.
  • Aerien Moonbeam

    Aerien Moonbeam

    Leader of the elf nobles allied with Mennas. Moonbeam's house was responsible for making Bien'valas, the Shortman's Bow.
  • Aeshma


    The supposed majordomo of Druj. The Druj Society were trying to summon him to get their shit straight for them.
  • Agatha III

    Agatha III

    Empress Agatha III, Earthly Vessel of Atar the Ever-Shining, Protector of the Horn, Defender of the Faith. Empress of the Empire of Atar.
  • Ahriman


    Ruler of the Div. All along, he was Taneto.
  • Aian


    Ambassador of the Serene King to the revolution of Talland.
  • Aina


    The female elf on board the Rising Fire.
  • Alexander Propson

    Alexander Propson

    A knight of Talland commanding sixty cavalry. He spoke with Conrad about his counter-revolutionary army, but joined Hillsburg.
  • Altos


    The Archmage of Underfall, captured by Conrad Colorado, but brought to Braveport by Irisi. Not a friend of Empire.
  • Ana


    Ach'narch'abeh is a demonlord.
  • Aniel Arrat

    Aniel Arrat

    Minister of Science and Industry - member of secret Wardens too.
  • Areth


    The half-dragon son of Bahamut, with a Kraldurian name. He joined Ahriman.
  • Aria


    Female dwarf and Bruxist cleric, second in command of Charlie in Mullhaven.
  • Arminius


    Undead general of corrupted Orsad.
  • Arnam


    Possibly the biggest loser in Sa'Vard.
  • Arosh


    The Dictator of Xhas'Wlef.
  • Arsanis Jelech

    Arsanis Jelech

    Governor of Calesh - Human. Overly concerned with her own situation.
  • Ash's Dad

    Ash's Dad

    Ash's father - a merchant who married into the Imperial family.
  • Astrid


    Leader of Mennas' 'Horn knight' allies; arrived in Gnomeland with the elf allies.
  • Avesel


    The mouthpiece of the Foral'Tir Clerical Council.
  • Ayentima ra'Valaam

    Ayentima ra'Valaam

    His Eternal Grace - The King of Eral'tir; Ruler of All Elves and Halven-kin; Patriarch of the House of Autumn; Holder of the Keys of Heaven; The Ever-Bright; Gardener of Paradise; Exemplar of His Time.
  • Aylan Donas

    Aylan Donas

    The Lord Mayor of Braveport. He tried to magically compel Brokk to travel to the Roland Estate during the Rising Fire rebellion, but failed.
  • Bahamut


    The great dragon of Kraldur.
  • Bazen


    Lieutenant and Blackguard of the Ambassador of the Serene King.
  • Bearnald


    Half-elf leader of Bearnald's Band from Hallyn. Joined the revolution, became nemesis of the Silver Fox, only to be assassinated by Conrad Colorado.
  • Beatrice St. Allister

    Beatrice St. Allister

    Daughter of a Valtat merchant family, Mennas' lover during his exile. Bore him a son, Marley.
  • Benjamin Beilquark

    Benjamin Beilquark

    A member of House Beilquark, a childhood friend of Mennas Merniso.
  • Bernald Burelzing

    Bernald Burelzing

    Son of Balthazar and twin of Bianka.
  • Bernhold Brooks

    Bernhold Brooks

    Ironclad's second in command, left in charge of Sesbritch as Ironclad went off to hunt monsters from Isle of Woman.
  • Berris Beilquark

    Berris Beilquark

    A wimpy cousin of Benjamin Beilquark.
  • Bianca Beilquark

    Bianca Beilquark

    Head of House Beilquark, mother of Benjamin.
  • Björk Brosson

    Björk Brosson

    Secretary of Staff of the NSA.
  • Blackstadius


    An Avoral Agathion summoned with the help of the Agathion embassy for the suicide mission.
  • Blinkie


    Elf wizard and part of Conrad Colorado's crew.
  • Bob


    A rider of the Isle of Woman.
  • Boote


    A prisoner from Braveport, Marked by Hechin and turned into his retainer and converted to Solarin.
  • Bork


    An ugly elven Whisperer of the Empire of Atar.
  • Bornhol Benacca

    Bornhol Benacca

    Patrician in Sesbritch whose sister was killed by daemon cultists because of the orphaned boy, Conrad, escaping the orphanage and living with her.
  • Brumhilde


    Spokeswoman of the Goddess of the Order of the Dawnflower.
  • Bura


    Once a palace servant in Gnomeland. Overthrew monarchy, created Wardens. Was a Lich. Destroyed by Dakara.
  • Byrnes


    Byrnes was an elven lieutenant in Bearnald's Band. He intimidated an entire company of soldiers with his crossbow to surrender in Braveport. He replaced Bearnald.
  • Carlos Tullen

    Carlos Tullen

    Guard captain of Underfall.
  • Cenus Zanaxer

    Cenus Zanaxer

    A famous wizard from Hillsburg, revealed to be a daemon cultist by Marie Moran.
  • Chara


    He claimed that he was a sailor of the ship, Capture, and asked for the Tall Tales adventurers to recover a copper amulet from the ship's captain. Turns out he was Torweld's shitty spymaster. Then Chara.
  • Charles Chillingworth

    Charles Chillingworth

    An official of Hillsburg who accompanied Richard and TomTom at Rixana's behest to free the slaves.
  • Charlie Jackson

    Charlie Jackson

    King of the Minaerum hobos.
  • Cidney Candié

    Cidney Candié

    Heir to House Candié, in her Gnomish forties, looking for a husband to help take care of estate.
  • Claus Manning

    Claus Manning

    A dwarf Whisperer of the Empire of Atar, assigned to the mission against Ahriman.
  • Cleon Crowley

    Cleon Crowley

    The Head of Maintenance of the NSA HQ.
  • Clovis


    King of Hallyn, about seventy years old, a true warrior. Of House Rollo.
  • Clyde


    Dwarf warrior and part of Conrad Colorado's crew. Turns out he was a werebear, and he raped Brokk and died for it.
  • Conrad Colorado

    Conrad Colorado

    Famous adventurer, douchebag of gynaecological proportions.
  • Dalmara Hadraghast

    Dalmara Hadraghast

    The Shield of Haldfast.
  • Dana d'Arthagan

    Dana d'Arthagan

    Guildmaster of the Steel Guild of Minaerum. Female half-elf.
  • Danston


    A Muharist priest who was rallying Hillsburg's Blues. TomTom pretended to be a gnome, then killed him after making a speech about capitalism.
  • Darval


    The necromancer, killed by the ghost of dead children in orphanage.
  • Denver


    Rider of Woman, slain at the village by Ash.
  • Dian Battleborn

    Dian Battleborn

    Templar First Class; she is a mul paladin sent by Mektin to help against Ahriman in the suicide mission.
  • Dikaiopolis


    Cleric of the Empire of Atar who was one of the leaders of the theocratic rebellion.
  • Dorell of Greenshield

    Dorell of Greenshield

    A commodore in the navy of Mektin, Templar of Muhar. His ship is Oakenhall.
  • Doris Dennal

    Doris Dennal

    A half-gnome half-dwarf girl who died at Marley's Mansion. She was Morgan Merniso's bastard.
  • Drahcir


    The Richard doppelganger. Agreed to terrorize Purrsia, but didn't survive tragedy of Orsad.
  • Druid


    Disguised as a donkey in the first session.
  • Druj


    The horrifying daemon trapped beneath Talland.
  • Duncan Faircheeks

    Duncan Faircheeks

    A hero from Talland's legends. He was spared from a spell that targets men because of his lack of a beard.
  • Einar Engelbert

    Einar Engelbert

    Lord Mayor of Underfall. He is a fat old man.
  • Eldar Mogeen

    Eldar Mogeen

    Governor of Illidar. Initially insulted by Mennas' elephant parade antics, but agreed to help.
  • Elisell


    The High Priestess of Calistria and an elf.
  • Ennias Songvale

    Ennias Songvale

    A Knight of Underfall.
  • Epiesta Unstal

    Epiesta Unstal

    Guildmaster of the Merchant Guild of Minaerum in the Silver City.
  • Erina Enies

    Erina Enies

    Socialite and lover of the Director of the NSA.
  • Eriniva


    Brigadier of the Watch Hounds, she met the Tall Tales group at Faespring en route to Underfall, with Inkie prisoner.
  • Erthoon


    The druid of Faespring who had been in the forest for 600 years. He gave Rutger and the homonculi new forms.
  • Eudokia


    A Therian archer who saved Richard from Uriah.
  • Eyran Seawind

    Eyran Seawind

    The secretary of the Hawksteeth Legion, who negotiated part of the Legion's transfer of command from Conrad to the revolution.
  • Fariz


    A member of the Doru race, of outsider type Div. He was freed from the orphanage in Sesbritch by the Tall Tales adventuring party and went on to help them fight the daemon cult.
  • Farson Goril

    Farson Goril

    Representative of the Church of Solarin - vehemently anti-slavery. Male human.
  • Fella Tarasel

    Fella Tarasel

    Ambassador of the Empire of Atar to Talland.
  • Feran


    A Solarin cleric who went to Xhas'Wlef to convert it, but failed and gave up.
  • Fihjen


    Captain of the Sartrap's Sailboat, from Purrsia.
  • Filippos


    The brother of previous Emperor Ioannes, was Champion of Atar.
  • Finabar Estika Moonbeam

    Finabar Estika Moonbeam

    Goldensword Moonbeam, niece of Aerien Moonbeam, leader of Mennas' elven allies after Aerien's death.
  • Francina and Fiona Fontaine

    Francina and Fiona Fontaine

    Daughters of Fredrick Fontaine.
  • Frannel Freedman

    Frannel Freedman

    Minister of Public Safety of Gnomeland.
  • Fredrick Fontaine

    Fredrick Fontaine

    Head of House Fontaine. He knows Hechin as a young rapist.
  • Fritz


    Homonculus. Extra head, stunted legs. Turned into a human by Erthoon.
  • Gabriel Galvani

    Gabriel Galvani

    Human noble of Gnomeland. His house was in command of the monarch's armies.
  • Galien


    A sorcerer that fought the Rising Fire outside Mindforge.
  • Garrel


    Son of Empress Agatha and Prince Tennel Hallas of Melland.
  • Garth


    The archaeologist of Sesbritch. Half-elf.
  • Garth Goyle

    Garth Goyle

    Chairman of Goyle & Son Foundries. A top Warden.
  • Gazi Hasir

    Gazi Hasir

    The Serene King of Purrsia.
  • George


    Ponner's possibly homosexual friend who owned "Legends of Talland", which TomTom stole after pooping in his wash basin.
  • George Joffee

    George Joffee

    Vice Mayor of Sesbritch, and weirdly, a half-elf. He served under Leopold Prowess in the navy. Known as "The Ironclad" for wearing full plate armour on a ship. After Weiss' assassination, he is the Lord Mayor
  • Gerard


    The red-robed wizard who placed the magical tattoos on the Tall Tales group. They tracked him down to Westwatch, where'd he'd magicked his way into the knickers of Grizelda de Gnome.
  • Gerinelius


    The mad wizard scientist of Eral'tir in the time of the Prophet.
  • Gery Hawksteeth

    Gery Hawksteeth

    Leader of the merc group hired by Torweld Weiss. Famous for being hired by a duke in Remmeld who was staging a coup. Then hired to take out the duke.
  • Ghoulmaster


    An ancient alchemist who somehow ended up as guardian of the Isle of Wights. He answered Richard's question about Druj after a duel, revealing that Druj is an Archdaemon imprisoned on Talland.
  • Giseth


    Seneschal of the Empress.
  • Giyenis Invier

    Giyenis Invier

    A drow who is High Chancellor of Eral'Tir, and a Warden of rank equal to Bura.
  • Grizelda de Gnome

    Grizelda de Gnome

    The mistress of the Château de Gnome. Gerard Charmed her, but she was freed when Gerard was defeated by slaves he had once marked.
  • Grogram Vorash

    Grogram Vorash

    Governor of Sal - a dwarf concerned with finance.
  • Grulblud


    Hobgoblin mystic of Xhas'Wlef.
  • Gruln


    A vulnudaemon; a daemon that looks like a girl with a daemon's mouth at her neck. She stabbed and nearly killed TomTom in Castle Moran and managed to destroy evidence linking Baron Fitzpatrick to the Druj Society, but not the letter instructing her to.
  • Guardian


    The sentient Thanessan golem who safeguards the knowledge of Thanessa.
  • Gus Turning

    Gus Turning

    The ambassador of Sesbritch to the noble summit at House Beilquark.
  • Guy of Sunkenholdt

    Guy of Sunkenholdt

    Father of the Stadtholder of Falt.
  • Hans


    Homonculus. Super-loose skin, tiny frame. Turned into a gnoll by Erthoon, started training as druid after.
  • Harold Heyman Senior

    Harold Heyman Senior

    Harold Heyman Senior was married to Sylvia, and was owner of Heyman Weavers. He tried to escape violence, failed, succumbed to it and became a Grave Knight.
  • Harson Voltom

    Harson Voltom

    Representative of the Half-Blood Collective. A silver-tongued Male Suli.
  • Heavenly Council

    Heavenly Council

    Composed of Mara, Trumpet Archon, Hound Archon Adlai, Oren the Harbringer and Arik the angel.
  • Hegestratos


    Head of the Imperial Ecclesiastical Office of Bloodline Research. Wanted Ash's brain. Got turned into icicles by Charlie.
  • Henry


    Baron Softspear. Sold Matt and TomTom into slavery. Was murdered by a peasant eventually.
  • Herman Carter

    Herman Carter

    The first Lord Protector of the New Republic of Talland after the revolution.
  • Herran Howberg

    Herran Howberg

    War minister of Gnomeland.
  • Hildemar Helga Hannengmann

    Hildemar Helga Hannengmann

    First Speaker of the Senate of Gnomeland
  • Holgrum Gromal

    Holgrum Gromal

    Governor of Ahdis, where they grow fungus and act as a prison. He is a lawful dwarf.
  • Horatio the Hirsute

    Horatio the Hirsute

    A hairy knight of the Pine Guild who fought a harpy. Was present for Mennas Merniso's dinner at the guild.
  • Humbaba


    Once Ahriman's lieutenant - grew disillusioned and opposed his former master.
  • Ibima Alarba

    Ibima Alarba

    Great spellcaster of the Empire of Atar, mother of Lucina.
  • Iena


    A Jyoti hierophant who made a deal with Charlie to keep the Druj amulet in exchange for recovery of a magical and evil skull.
  • Imla the Incredible

    Imla the Incredible

    A half-orc female gladiator champion who joined the Rising Fire revolution in Braveport.
  • Immanuel Olivier

    Immanuel Olivier

    Archmage Warden of Minaerum. A kobold.
  • Ingrid Songthorn

    Ingrid Songthorn

    Minister of Finances since Leopold Prowess, aware of the financial matters of slave-owners. Present at Sesbritch peace conference.
  • Inil


    Javel's sister. A human. Was posted at Oreno. Dropped off at Xhas'Wlef.
  • Initra Valaam

    Initra Valaam

    Princess of the Riders of Eral'Tir.
  • Inkie


    Human cleric of Mnesthes, part of Conrad Colorado's crew.
  • Innas Iyensian

    Innas Iyensian

    A not at all morbidly obese Mindforge secretary. Part of a now defunct noble house.
  • Inzen


    Male catfolk companion of President of Gnomeland.
  • Iris Gellan

    Iris Gellan

    An old woman who is chief of the council of Turnia.
  • Iris Rathuon

    Iris Rathuon

    General of the Atarite army of Mullhaven.
  • Irisi


    A gladiator champion in Braveport from some exotic culture; possibly Shadowfolk.
  • Ishil Embar

    Ishil Embar

    Governor of Basaan; an Ifrit.
  • Iyel


    Captain of the jann ship, the Faeshalan.
  • Jackie


    Female mage of the Turquoise Party, bad at detecting magic.
  • Jahah


    The replacement rakshasa court wizard of Purrsia for Vandad.
  • Jakob


    Homonculus. Oversized right hand, deformed left hand. He became an orc at the druid.
  • Javel


    Part-Orc slave of the Wardens, and supposedly an emissary of a certain sect of theirs.
  • Jean-Jaquob Valentin

    Jean-Jaquob Valentin

    A scout who witnessed Slick and his team dragging bodies away towards Druj's prison. Turns out he was one of the bad guys.
  • Jeeves


    Roland Highisle's butler. Jeeves Two was majordomo of Beilquark.
  • Jelan Eldorel

    Jelan Eldorel

    A part tiefling who is High Priestess of Illidar in Keshan, and Hex's mentor.
  • Jetrak


    An Admiral of Turnia, responsible for the fleet that went to help against the Clockworks near Sholla.
  • Jezeth Hasir

    Jezeth Hasir

    Cleric of the Cult of Hasir - and above all - the daughter of Gazi Hasir and wife of Mennas II.
  • Jones


    Slaver who turned out to be pretty friendly. Died in the wreckage. His clothes were taken.
  • Joquel Jaques

    Joquel Jaques

    The late founder of the Druj Society. According to Natalie Neuman, he burned himself, his home and his servants after his health started to fail him.
  • Julenna


    A dwarf lady who was High Priestess of Zinine in Hillsburg.
  • Kaleb


    A dog (possibly a Hound Archon) accompanying Uriah.
  • Kalev Koronqis

    Kalev Koronqis

    The gnomish Lord Mayor of Westwatch. Has sided with the Rising Fire.
  • Karl


    The high priest of Brux in Braveport.
  • Karl Feshif

    Karl Feshif

    Governor of Ikshar - Greedy human.
  • Keesh


    The infamous information broker.
  • Kelshan


    Commander of the Akeshafian Revolutionary Army, the last remnant of the Eastern Archipelago.
  • Kharvakam


    Akeshafian fighter. Son of Commander Kelshan.
  • Killgore


    The orcish captain of the pirate vessel Burninator. He is boastful and rude, and is wanted by the mystics of Xhas'wlef.
  • Killian Komet

    Killian Komet

    A blacksmith in Braveport, who lives outside the rich part of town and resents Highisle Quality Armours.
  • Kitake Kalakka

    Kitake Kalakka

    Speaker of New Prosperity Council.
  • Koros-Lar-Usnam


    General of the hobgoblins of Talland.
  • Kuberna


    She is the Grand Marshal of the Empire of Atar after Orsad's fall.
  • Kurren


    A Scout of the Revolutionary Army of Akeshaf. Was interviewed by Richard.
  • l'Ariniel


    An elf who was taken hostage by the pirates of Capture, he was freed by the Tall Tales slaves and joined their crew aboard the renamed ship, the Rising Fire.
  • Laoc


    Male dwarf monk, former member of President Rex's adventuring party.
  • Lara Cipher

    Lara Cipher

    Richard's stylish mum, who got kidnapped by the Gnomes but freed by Richard in Nomesh.
  • Lars


    Apparently the luckiest assassin on Talland, who made his move in Riverfork. Turns out the real Lars was replaced by a magical enemy.
  • LasLas


    Kobold representative of Kobolia. Went to ask Mennas for help.
  • Laura Linnas

    Laura Linnas

    One of the Whisperers of the Empire, who went about assassinating members of Bearnald's Band in Braveport with Bork.
  • Leland


    A leader of a Gnomish corporation that answered to Bura the Lich.
  • Lennard Tullen

    Lennard Tullen

    Tullen Alchemics is based in Underfall. Marie Moran revealed that Lennard is a daemon cultist.
  • Lenona Tullen

    Lenona Tullen

    Niece of Lennard Tullen, a fan of Brokk.
  • Leopold Prowess

    Leopold Prowess

    Leopold Prowess, Lord Protector of Talland and ex-Lord Mayor of Freetown. Youngest son of tar shipping tycoon Peter Prowess, who joined the Talland navy since he wouldn't inherit anything anyhow.
  • Leslie


    Once leader of the Runeguard of Mullhaven, he orchestrated his rise to power using the Empire and the assassination of the Lord Marshal Karvold.
  • Li'l Susan

    Li'l Susan

    A caustodaemon who was summoned in Castle Moran. He made quite a mess of the place before being destroyed by the Tall Tales adventurers.
  • Liad


    The son of an old citizen of Illidar. Liad joined the Dawnflower some years ago.
  • Lockstep


    A Gnomish admiral who was concerned by Matthias Swiftstrings' warnings about godshards.
  • Loren


    One of the two Rising Fire impostors, a half-orc. Former adventurer and friend of President.
  • Louisiei


    A messenger of the Imperial Ecclestical High Office of the Empire of Atar.
  • Lucina Alarba

    Lucina Alarba

    Wife of Emperor-Elect Reginald.
  • Magelle Moraqshed

    Magelle Moraqshed

    Minister of Finances in Remmeld. Secret Warden.
  • Magnificent Rdareg

    Magnificent Rdareg

    He does not speak Orcish and his career choices may therefore be limited.
  • Maner


    Older human gentleman. Captain of the Runeguard of Mullhaven.
  • Marcus Morpheus

    Marcus Morpheus

    The Lord Mayor of Sesbritch before Torweld Weiss.
  • Marie Moran

    Marie Moran

    The former headmistress of the Sesbritch orphanage, she oversaw the sacrifices of hundreds of children over the years. Now staying in an asylum in Shortport.
  • Mariel of Tundek

    Mariel of Tundek

    A half-Gnome half-Human, descended from Gnomes left in the Empire after the War of Shame.
  • Mark


    The herbalist of Hamington.
  • Marla Manefield

    Marla Manefield

    Daughter of Simon, one of the forty-two Atarites imprisoned in Underfall under false accusations. Childhood friend of Charlie.
  • Marley St. Allister

    Marley St. Allister

    Mennas' 25 year old bastard son by Beatrice St. Allister.
  • Matilda Sixsmith

    Matilda Sixsmith

    Owner of a foundry in Underfall.
  • Matron


    The fey who kidnapped the children of Hillsburg and took Conrad Colorado to be her champion.
  • Maximilien


    Grand Templar Maximilien was the leader of the Templar of Mektin.
  • Maydan Fazier

    Maydan Fazier

    A half-elf wizard in the service of the Hawksteeth Legion. He duelled Richard during the night raid, and was forced to flee.
  • Maynard


    Brother Maynard of Keshan was a friend of Hechin who got up to all sorts of hijinks with him during their youth.
  • Mayor of Hamington

    Mayor of Hamington

    An older man who ran the façade that was Hamington. When TomTom and Brokk set fire to the town hall, he organized a bucket line to put out the flames. Brokk scattered it, duelled him and struck him down.
  • Michél


    A magical archer from Bearnald's Band, who accompanied the Tall Tales adventurers to Riverfork.
  • Miles Cratchet

    Miles Cratchet

    A thief taken from the streets of Talland by 'Chara', the shape shifter, who turned him into a pawn and assumed his identity. Killed by Hechin.
  • Miriam Marnas

    Miriam Marnas

    Council(wo)man Marnas was one of the chief leaders of the Ushala independence movement, until Mennas turned her to his cause.
  • Mirko the Merciless

    Mirko the Merciless

    A gnome gladiator who became Brokk's lieutenant. Fariz creeped him out in Shortport.
  • Mithrikar VII

    Mithrikar VII

    Birth name Daren.
  • Morgan Merniso

    Morgan Merniso

    Brother of Mennas, one of the chief scientists of Project PIMA.
  • Morris Mal'boroa

    Morris Mal'boroa

    Captain of the Elites.
  • Munsterhjelm


    Munsterhjelm the Magnificent was a Draconal Agathion and a part-time hippie. He proposed opening an Agathion embassy in Talland.
  • N'rad


    Drow captain of the Capture, slain by his first mate.
  • Natalie Neuman

    Natalie Neuman

    Revealed by Marie Moran to be part of the daemon cult; head of Neuman Shipwright which is based in Westwatch.
  • Navashal of Arratel

    Navashal of Arratel

    The Silver Fox - a general of the armies of Purrsia who repelled the centaur. Was exiled from Purrsia and found himself in Talland.
  • Nereferid


    Ambassador of Foral'Tir. Was guest of Immanuel Olivier. Negotiated with Rising Fire about godshard and Rolstein.
  • Nigel


    An Inevitable, a being of pure Lawful Neutral.
  • Niye


    The last member of the council of Wlef in Xhas'Wlef. A young hobgoblin.
  • Nkh'thlet


    A Protean Naunet. Also known as Thulie, or Nukie.
  • Nomishman


    Mayor of Oreno. Sympathetic to Mennas' cause. Ratted out the Senate bunker.
  • Oberon


    A King of the Fae, the one who gave the President the ankou.
  • Oiral Oddfellow

    Oiral Oddfellow

    Director of the Nomish Security Agency.
  • Old Man Jenkins

    Old Man Jenkins

    Owner of some rust monsters. He was proven visionary when he employed them in the Clockwork Battle.
  • Oliver Mugelbass

    Oliver Mugelbass

    A human Whisperer and sorcerer of the Empire of Atar, assigned to the mission against Ahriman.
  • Olivia Oreno

    Olivia Oreno

    Head of House Oreno, mother of Owenar.
  • Ollak


    A champion of Turnia and a sea druid with a shark companion. Accompanied Mennas on his ankou hunt.
  • Ollie of Hillsburg

    Ollie of Hillsburg

    Leader of the Turquoise Party. Matt talked to him pretending to be an assassin, and made an alliance.
  • Ölnar White-Eyes

    Ölnar White-Eyes

    A leader of a band of adventurers who were about to do coup on Arosh, but were deterred for the last battle.
  • Ophelia Oddfellow

    Ophelia Oddfellow

    Captain of the Gnomish colony north of the Godsbridge.
  • Os the Azata

    Os the Azata

    A Bralani Azata tribesman of Elysium.
  • Oscar


    A representative of Adam Anderson. He caused vast alarm when intercepting the carriages in Riverfork.
  • Other Richard

    Other Richard

    A man who cannot be killed by anything in the world, except perhaps via ageing. Joined Ahriman.
  • Owenar Oreno

    Owenar Oreno

    Spokesman of House Oreno, son of Olivia Oreno.
  • Patrick Fitzpatrick

    Patrick Fitzpatrick

    The Baron of Castle Moranic.
  • Pauline


    A nobody taken under the wing of the div shapeshifter, 'Chara'. Her identity was used to beguile Conrad Colorado. She was captured at the hall of the Maggot knights.
  • Pel


    A female tengu pirate of the Diisvan, and a love interest of TomTom.
  • Peter


    A member of Nomesh's security who was part of an ambush of the Tall Tales party, but was Dominated and captured.
  • Pike


    A Gnome who was exiled from Xhas'Wlef, and took up residence in Serral.
  • Ponner


    The first mate of the Rising Fire, formerly a mere pirate of the Capture under N'rad.
  • Porkins


    A guard who accompanied Rising Fire during Sesbritch negotiations.
  • Probbs


    A Major of the Hawksteeth Legion, officer of scouting and sabotage. He was a half-orc.
  • Qir-Wah


    Captain and leader of the jann Clan al-Varen.
  • Quarrel


    The owner of the Quarrelsome Quarry.
  • Quentyn Qul'ubas

    Quentyn Qul'ubas

    Head of House Qul'ubas, a very rude man.
  • Rakeno


    Mystic Rakeno is the leader of the Sable volunteers sent to help Mennas against the Clockworks.
  • Ralf Runatar

    Ralf Runatar

    Member of the Senate of Gnomeland, and member of House Runatar.
  • Randolph Rex Rolstein

    Randolph Rex Rolstein

    The President of Gnomeland, former adventurer who supposedly stole a relic of the Hasir family.
  • Raul Runatar

    Raul Runatar

    The son in the incestuous household of House Runatar of Gnomish.
  • Red Oak

    Red Oak

    A red weirwood, and chief fae servant in the Rose Garden of the Archduchy of Vasa.
  • Reginald


    The Imperial Office's choice for heir to the Empire in the wake of the tragedy of Orsad.
  • Renata Runatar

    Renata Runatar

    Younger sister in the Runatar family. Daughter of Riana.
  • Rennel deRomo

    Rennel deRomo

    Captain of the war galley, Eastern Tempest. His ship was aided against a deepcrow by Richard, TomTom and Ash.
  • Revned


    Denver's brother, an undead of the isle of Woman, killed by Bearnard's Band.
  • Rex


    Dwarf lieutenant of the Honourable Company of daemonslayers.
  • Reyne


    A champion of Turnia who prefers to fight up close and personal. Accompanied Mennas on his ankou hunt.
  • Reynnes


    Captain of the city guard of Braveport. Was executed after the taking of the city by the revolution.
  • Rhen


    The catfolk first mate of the pirate vessel Sanor, serving under Commodore Sana. Identical twins with Vaetha.
  • Riana Runatar

    Riana Runatar

    Matriarch of House Runatar, invited the party to stay in her two guest rooms.
  • Ricks


    Half-elf prisoner who died in the wreckage of the slaver cage.
  • Rixana Ressan

    Rixana Ressan

    The dwarven Lord Mayor of Hillsburg, who declared her neutrality. She is currently facing a crisis, as her citizens want her to join either the Rising Fire Rebellion or the Sesbritch Government.
  • Robert


    Morgan Merniso's butler in Marley's Mansion, who Mennas knew from childhood. Was turned into monster by gemstone curse.
  • Robert Raleigh

    Robert Raleigh

    The Lord Mayor of Freetown, picked by and friends with Leopold Prowess.
  • Robin


    A wererat rescued from Orsad.
  • Roger


    Emissary of the good planes, dressed in gold, who went to the Hallyn war summit to inform mortalkind that it stood alone.
  • Roland Highisle

    Roland Highisle

    Brokk's master, living in a mansion in Braveport and master of the Shadowfolk champion Irisi.
  • Rthr a'Karghzilrtraahfß

    Rthr a'Karghzilrtraahfß

    Marquis de Carabas of Minaerum.
  • Ruelko


    A General of the Gnomish armies, who was in charge during the occupation of Nomesh. Was assassinated.
  • Rueln


    A family member of Xhas'Wlef businessman who offered 40 ships and monster army to Mennas. Rueln was put in charge of fleet.
  • Rullok


    An ogre gladiator who was held in the detention cells of Braveport, and was freed by the Rising Fire revolution.
  • Run-Urush


    Captain of Clan Saiqar. A dude.
  • Ruren


    Grand Master of the Dawnflower.
  • Rutger


    The homonculus leader. He was turned into a proper dwarf by Erthoon.
  • Sana


    The catfolk commodore of the pirate vessels Sanor and Altham. She hates slavery, and wants a fresh start in Talland.
  • Sasha Jenning

    Sasha Jenning

    A halfling Whisperer and cleric of the Empire of Atar, assigned to the mission against Ahriman.
  • Savol


    The cleric of Zinine who lives in Westwatch Castle's basement. He speaks with an accent and plays the bagpipes. A cousin of Robert Raleigh, the Lord Mayor of Freetown.
  • Schmitt


    The fifth homonculus, who died before his story could truly begin.
  • Scott McFergunson

    Scott McFergunson

    The halfling leader of Bearnald's saboteurs in Hillsbrad. Was reunited with Richard and TomTom.
  • Sean Oliver

    Sean Oliver

    A Sesbritch merchant who was kidnapped by Chara, and used as one of five hostages in her game. He was the only hostage to survive Charlie's bombs.
  • Sebastian


    An upper class slave from Downtown Braveport who was fed the same food for fifty years. He took a rapier off the wall and joined the revolution.
  • Senate Archmagi

    Senate Archmagi

    Archmage Turen, Archmage Kayas, Archmage Siyera maintain the Senate's pocket dimension.
  • Sephu


    A man of Keshan with possible giant ancestry, member of the Order of the Dawnflower.
  • Sh'eenzh


    A protean voidworm who became TomTom's familiar after the Waters of Truth, daughter of Sh'lkh'khel.
  • Sh'lkh'khel


    A protean who guarded the Waters of Truth.
  • Shanahel


    A female adult white dragon, subordinate to Bahamut. The first of her kind to meet the Rising Fire in the Northern Continent.
  • Sharesh


    Captain Sharesh, the Wrathful Hand of the Dawn, of the Order of the Dawnflower.
  • Sheas


    Female Brass Dragon. Representative of the Brass Dragons. Was a slave for a long time.
  • Sigmund


    Crimson Prince of Utheim.
  • Simon Manefield

    Simon Manefield

    An Atarite baker of Underfall, imprisoned by Conrad Colorado. Charlie gave him a healing extract when Simon was weak from injuries while imprisoned.
  • Siyad


    A bard of Illidar, with a magnificent pan flute. He helped Mennas spread the legend of the banana prince.
  • Siyun


    The Grand Captain of Turnia, sceptical of Mennas. He may have Janni blood.
  • Slaen


    The speaker who represents the crew of the pirate vessel Diisvan. He is a mongrel of six races.
  • Slick


    Slick was a bounty hunter who picked up the trail of the Tall Tales escaped slaves. He prepared an ambush for them outside the Château de Gnome, and sat in a tree. He fired a crossbow bolt into Matthias Swiftstrings' leg, and set his six cronies on them.
  • SobSob


    A kobold slave from near Sholla who lost his mate and child, but was bought for 'sodomy' by the Rising Fire.
  • Sother


    Brass dragon. Spymaster and crazy mofo of Illidar.
  • Spade


    Arman "Spade" Clawinski, also known as "Asshole Cleric", is a priest of Zinine who ended up joining the crew of the Rising Fire.
  • Sterning


    She is the captain of the guard of Tarqam in Gnomeland.
  • Steward


    The name of the all around handyman who handles Rising Fire correspondence and stuff.
  • Sue


    A dwarf lady who is part of Conrad Colorado's crew. Her ass was pinched by TomTom.
  • Suzan Prendat

    Suzan Prendat

    Dakara's mum.
  • Taneto


    An ogre mage disguised as a foreman by the name of Francis Fowles, left in charge of guarding Heyman Weavers. TomTom deduced much of the main plot from him.
  • Tarak


    Bugbear general under Arosh. Like Arosh, turned out to be a vessel for TomTom.
  • Taronis


    A rune covered giant in the world shown to the Rising Fire by the elder protean.
  • Tarrik Torman

    Tarrik Torman

    Son of Thomas Torman. Was intimidated by a Ray of Frost. TomTom pretended to be Tarrik to get his shoulder in the door of the council.
  • Teliana Tushina

    Teliana Tushina

    General Ruelko's successor in Nomesh. She has red hair and looks tough as nails. Was rescued by Mennas.
  • Tennel Hallas

    Tennel Hallas

    Prince of Melland, widower of Empress Agatha.
  • Terias of Tarqam

    Terias of Tarqam

    High Admiral of Gnomeland Navy. Member of secret Wardens.
  • Terrence Kingsgrace

    Terrence Kingsgrace

    Orphan boy of Illidar, taken under Mennas Merniso's wing.
  • Thelning


    An Agathion who works alongside Aedefelt. He restored Marie Moran's sanity.
  • Thomas Torman

    Thomas Torman

    A councilman who tried to escape to his mansion during the attack on the council hall. Was taken hostage with his wife and son, Tarrik.
  • Thorton Weiss

    Thorton Weiss

    The fisherman who TomTom rescued. Revisited and given 1 gold piece.
  • Tim the Namer

    Tim the Namer

    A Truenamer. The wizard of the Stepfathers
  • Timothy Tomas

    Timothy Tomas

    A daemon cult slob in a mancave in Hillsburg.
  • Tinelesh


    Ambassador of Gazi Hasir to Xhas'Wlef. Female. Gave Hechin the finger.
  • Titania


    A fae Queen whose court was allied with the Archduchy of Vasan and its benefactors.
  • Tobelias McGarth

    Tobelias McGarth

    Guildmaster of Seafarer's Guild in Haak. Member of secret Wardens.
  • Tobias Smithson

    Tobias Smithson

    Alias for the redeemed apprentice of Navashal. Navashal freed him from the dungeons of Purrsia.
  • Tonella Feshloft

    Tonella Feshloft

    Mrs. Feshloft was an Atarite apothecary of Underfall, who introduced Charlie to alchemy. She was one of the forty-two Atarites imprisoned by Conrad Colorado.
  • Tor


    Jovial dwarf from Valtat who gambled with the Rising Fire in Mullhaven.
  • Toren


    Lieutenant Toren, the High Justicar of Solarin, lowest ranking member of the six Dawnflower lords.
  • Torweld Weiss

    Torweld Weiss

    Politician who became Lord Mayor of Sesbritch. His brother is Wilbur, a daemon cultist. Torweld opposed the revolution so TomTom assassinated him.
  • Towas


    Gnome mafia Don of Xhas'Wlef, ally of Mennas.
  • Tranax the Sensible

    Tranax the Sensible

    Formerly the gladiator champion of Sesbritch, Tranax the Slayer. Tried to get elected Lord Protector.
  • Tulene


    Elf high priestess of Zinine in Sesbritch. She went to Positive Energy Plane with Charlie.
  • TumTum


    Immanuel Olivier's daughter. He off-handedly gave her to Richard to raise.
  • Tun'khashal


    The apprentice of Cenus Zanaxer, who pretended to be Cenus Zanaxer in Hillsburg.
  • Turel Tandradora Tessallash

    Turel Tandradora Tessallash

    A Gnome crew member of the Rising Fire ship.
  • Turina


    Akeshafian warmage. Daughter of Commander Kelshan.
  • Turnus Kasel

    Turnus Kasel

    "Mayor" of New Sesbritch Gnomes. Top Warden.
  • Tuyja


    One of the two Rising Fire impostors, a gnome mage. Former adventurer and friend of President.
  • Tyson Berring

    Tyson Berring

    Owner of Underfall Drydocks.
  • Unpesh


    Once a human, now a daemon. Apparent ringleader of the daemon cult, slayer of 55/57 hamingtonians. His real name was John, a long time ago.
  • Uriah


    An Archon who showed up in Hillsburg to give Richard words of warning about destiny. He also encouraged the city to pick a side in the war.
  • Usahen


    Captain of clan Dahiresh.
  • Usien


    Matron Usien was the first significant contact of the Rising Fire in the jungle.
  • Vaetha


    The catfolk first mate of the pirate vessel Altham, serving under Commodore Sana. Identical twins with Rhen.
  • Valentino


    A daemon cultist of the Druj Society who was part of Hillsburg's town council. He was discovered and arrested.
  • Vandad


    The Purrsian court wizard. He was killed at the President of Gnomeland's estate.
  • Vidal


    Fleet sorcerer of the catfolk pirates. A human.
  • Viviana


    Freckled gnome adventurer girl. Stabbed a guy for cheating at gambling. The party's guide to jungle.
  • Voytek


    Voytek was the half-elf trainer of Brokk. He tried to help Brokk escape but was caught and suffered for it. Dominated, nearly killed Brokk, and then freed by Tall Tales group.
  • Wals the Forceful

    Wals the Forceful

    Acting Commander of Gery Hawksteeth's mercenaries after Gery was kidnapped.
  • Warhol


    Warhol was the Vice Mayor of Braveport. He was taken captive by Richard and TomTom with the help of soldiers from Bearnald's Band.
  • Whitemane


    A leader of the Wardens. Was an adventurer who travelled west beyond Purrsia. Joined Rising Fire for Last Battle.
  • Wilbur Weiss

    Wilbur Weiss

    A leader of the Druj Society daemon cult and brother of Lord Mayor Torweld.
  • Wilhelmina Merniso

    Wilhelmina Merniso

    Mennas' increasingly unimpressed sister in law.
  • Wossal the Wrathful

    Wossal the Wrathful

    A human gladiator wielding a great-axe, whose axe was used to execute many an insubordinate during the Braveport revolution.
  • Xalena Umathar

    Xalena Umathar

    Mistress of the final tier of Eral'tir.
  • Xan Wu

    Xan Wu

    The Man in White. A leading official of the Archduchy of Vasan and a member of the Vishkanya race.
  • Xr’vrsr


    Female Trox, a companion of President Rex.
  • Yal-Lush


    Jann captain of Lush.
  • Yeliya Umar

    Yeliya Umar

    The Royal Master of Correspondence of Eral'tir.
  • Zachary Zaidwais

    Zachary Zaidwais

    A Gnomish ambassador, serving under Gnomeland's ambassador in Sesbritch. Sent to work as an impartial negotiator between Torweld Weiss and the Rising Fire Rebellion.
  • Zaqen


    Grandmaster of the Stepfathers, a half-elf.
  • Zareth


    Potion-selling catfolk with a turtle companion called Clarence.
  • Zark


    Gnome slaver who died in the beginning when the cage was wrecked.
  • Zarl


    An orc pirate of the Burninator who was converted to the faith of Solarin at Westwatch, after Aeshma's ashes were ceremonially laid to rest.
  • Zebediah Zigelheim

    Zebediah Zigelheim

    Mennas' fat cousin by marriage.
  • Zev


    A dog (possibly a Hound Archon) accompanying Uriah.
  • Ziella of Tännhauser

    Ziella of Tännhauser

    The alchemist of the Hawksteeth Legion; a half-orc female. Matt used Shatter on her during the Siege of Hillsburg.
  • Zoe Ironside

    Zoe Ironside

    Reginald's daughter, married to an elf prince.
  • Zörn


    A linnorm who was released at Isle of Woman, accepted the servitude of TomTom and friends, then attacked Heyman Weavers. Richard charmed it.
  • Zörn's Mum

    Zörn's Mum

    A water linnorm encountered near the Thanessan Archive.
  • ZunZun


    Female kobold, leader of the Honourable Company of daemonslayers. Former Sesbritch thief.