Feeling brave tonight?
How brave?
Brave enough to do battle with hideous monsters? Hmm?
Brave enough to sneak around dank castles in the dark and chance become the next subject of

Tall Tales from Talland

Welcome to the Republic of Talland, a land of wealthy patricians, puffed-up nobility, busy city-dwellers, poor peasants… and slaves.

Five men of various backgrounds find themselves sold to slavery in the capital city of Sesbritch, and shipped off to the Quarrelsome Quarry, to chip stone with hammers for the rest of their natural lives.

However, along the way something happens, and the group finds themselves with a chance for freedom… but with some serious obstacles to overcome.

Will they find a way off this hellhole of a land? Will they find a way to stop themselves from being identified as slaves on sight? Will they choose to go Spartacus and start a full-blown slave rebellion? Who knows!

Tall Tales from Talland

Kerrah Devius Zula Wulfang TomTom