The Red Isles

The Red Isles, individually called Redwind Isle and Redrock Isle, are two islands far northeast of Talland, which belong to the Republic of Talland. Originally uninhabited, they were first populated by Tallish galley slaves from gnomish ships about a thousand years ago. Aside from a few quirks, they are ethnically and culturally Tallish, and were signed over from Gnomeland’s control to Talland about three years after the War of Independence.

The islands are mostly unremarkable, and possibly the most important thing to come from them was the great revolutionary who has gone down in history as “Redwind”, after his home island.

A governor leads the islands. The local magistrates usually choose who will be governor, and the Lord Protector of Talland appoints the one they pick.

Richard Cipher is from Redwind Isle.

The Red Isles

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