The Druj Society

Formed via the influence of Ahriman to wreak pain and suffering in Talland – the Druj Society was a cult interested in daemons. Due to the presence of Druj beneath Talland, their interest was in finding the Druj Amulet to free the mighty creature and reap unholy rewards.

The Society was founded by Joquel Jaques thanks to the influence of Chara (who would later parade as Cutlass, looking for the amulet). Jaques died when he burned himself and his mansion down in attempt to become a daemon himself.

A man named John was later to become the daemon Unpesh, and operate the cult’s sacrifices in Hamington. Other members included the brother of Lord Mayor Torweld – Wilbur Weiss, and the infamous Marie Moran, who oversaw an orphanage in Sesbritch which sacrificed its children. She went mad as a result.

Lord Mayor Aylan Donas was himself a member, along with the mighty wizard Cenus Zanaxer. Both Aylan and Cenus died in Hillsburg during the Rising Fire Revolution – Aylan was struck down by Richard himself while trying to sacrifice TomTom to Aeshma in some Thanessan ruins.

The Druj Society

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