Talland's Government

Talland is a republic divided to six governmental districts, each of them ruled by a city council and Lord Mayor based in their capital. In addition, the Lord Protector works as the head of state, and resides in the capital of Sesbritch.

Elections for the city councils are held once every six years, though in different years in each city, so that every year is some city’s election season. To run for office, an individual must be a “respected member of the community”, as defined by the current city council, who go through every potential candidate before the election to weed out ones who do not fit the bill. If one feels they were denied for no good reason, they may file a complaint against the board who made the call. Freed slaves may only run for office with their former owner’s approval.

Every free (not slave) adult citizen (registered taxpayer) of the province is technically allowed to vote for a candidate of their choice. However, there are caveats and exceptions:

  • Prisoners and citizens who have been convicted of a crime after the last election are not given a vote.
  • The vote of a freed slave is automatically given to either their former owner’s candidate, or their former owner himself if they’re running for office.
  • Stock companies based in the province may declare a Staff-Focused Voting Initiative, wherein all their employees’ votes go to the same candidate, whether the employees approve it or not.
    • Certain poorhouses also force their residents to sign away their vote to a candidate of the poorhouse’s choosing in exchange for lodging.
  • People who live in the countryside do not get to vote themselves, but instead their community leader (usually a mayor or a minor countryside noble) gets as many votes as they have constituent “subjects”.
    • The execption to this are residents of The Isle of Woman, who are allowed to vote directly since that island has as many inhabitants as Westwatch itself.

The number of city councilmen varies from city to city, and sometimes election to election, depending on the number of citizens. After a new city council is elected, it votes a Lord Mayor from amongst its number to act as the chairman of the council and represent the city when it comes to nationwide legislation.

Every ten years, six months after the most recent city council election, the Lord Mayors the six provinces gather to choose a new Lord Protector from amongst their number. If there is a tie, the current Lord Protector is the tiebreaker, but does not otherwise have a say in the choosing of their replacement. The Lord Protector is the acting commander of Talland’s armed forces, and leads nationwide legislation from Sesbritch. If the Lord Protector leaves Sesbritch, the Lord Mayor of the capital is the acting chief of state until the Lord Protector’s return. If the Lord Protector dies, the Lord Mayor of Sesbritch temporarily succeeds him until a replacement can be properly chosen.

The Lord Protector usually has a number of advisors who they may give power to, but the exact number and roles of these ministers are not set to stone, and sometimes change even during a Lord Protector’s reign. Current Lord Protector Leopold Prowess has the least number of ministers in at least seventy years, only employing a Minister of Faith, Minister of Finances and Minister of Magic.

The Red Isles do not fall under any of the six provinces, but are a semi-autonomous region ruled by a governor, who is technically appointed freely by the Lord Protector, but the choice is without fail made based on the opinions of the local magistrates. The governor does not have any say in national politics, but otherwise has as much power in the Red Isles as the Lord Mayors do in their provinces.

Talland's Government

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