Sesbritch is the capital city of Talland, and the home of the Lord Protector (the head of state). If the Lord Protector leaves town, the Lord Mayor of Sesbritch becomes acting head of state until they return.

The city’s name is a bastardisation of “sea-bridge”, since it was built around an artificial canyon (“The Cleave”) uniting the Talland Bay in the east and the Tradesea, in the west. The Cleave was built by the gnomes shortly after their conquest of Talland, with some help from human slave labour.

Sesbritch is a busy harbour for ships sailing from the Tradesea to Gnomeland and vice versa, since the southern and northern sides of Talland are hard and risky to sail. Passing through the Cleave is free, to invite business, but harbour fees for big ships are quite costy.

There are two walled-of sections in the city: Shorttown is the historical location of the gnomish occupant administrators before the Independence War, while Hightown is the human elite’s part of town, where the City Parliament and the Lord Protector’s estate are located.

Torweld Weiss is the current Lord Mayor of Sesbritch, having been elected into power two weeks after the beginning of the story. His running slogan was “Vote wisely; vote Weiss.” After Lord Protector Leopold Prowess left Sesbritch to pursue the priest-murderers plaguing Talland, Weiss used his powers to order a purge against the Atarists of Underfall.

The Druj Society held a fake orphanage, led by Marie Moran, in Sesbritch, using it to collect 500 child souls as soul gems.

Other characters who have dwelled in Sesbritch include Chara, Spade, Darval and Thorton.


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