Post-Talland Characters

The Presidential Faction of Gnomeland

  • Randolph Rex Rolstein, President of Gnomeland
  • Ruelko, General of Army Occupation of Nomesh, was assassinated
  • Teliana Tushina, successor of Ruelko, saved by Mennas during Clockwork invasion
  • Xr’vrsr, Member of Rolstein’s adventuring party
  • Inzen, Member of Rolstein’s adventuring party
  • Tuyja, Member of Rolstein’s adventuring party, attacked Runatars
  • Laoc, Member of Rolstein’s adventuring party, betrayed everyone for Hasir
  • Loren, Member of Rolstein’s adventuring party, killed by Hasir

The Senate and the NSA

The Secret Wardens

Other Gnomeland


Order of the Dawnflower

  • Ruren, Grandmaster
  • Sephu
  • Brumhilde, Spokeswoman of the Goddess, female dwarf
  • Sharesh, Wrathful Hand of the Dawn
  • Abun-sid-Ores, Grand Hierophant, half-giant
  • Toren, High Justicar of Solarin
  • Liad, son of an old man of Illidar, member of the Dawnflower

Nobles of Gnomeland



  • Iris Gellan, Chief Councilwoman of Turnia
  • Jetrak, an Admiral of Turnia
  • Siyun, Grand Captain of Turnia and part of its council
  • Reyne, a Champion
  • Ollak, a Champion


  • Arosh, Dictator of Xhas’Wlef, secretly vessel for TomTom
  • Tarak, Bugbear General, secretly vessel for TomTom
  • Towas, Mennas’ ally
  • Grulblud, mystic
  • Niye, councilwoman of Wlef
  • Ölnar White-Eyes, a champion of Wlef
  • Rueln, cousin of Towas, leader of the Bay of No Docks army


Mullhaven and the Empire

The Jann



North of the Godsbridge


Archduchy of Vasa


Post-Talland Characters

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