Mennas Merniso

The exiled Gnomish prince of House Merniso, crowned Mennas II.


After the revolution in Talland, Mennas Merniso, son of Malcolm, travelled there to see what help he could find in reclaiming his throne. He recruited Dakara and the Stepfathers to his cause while in Talland, as well as the Pine Guild.

He caught wind of the Rising Fire’s survival, and sent a letter ahead to them making a bold proposition – that they would help him reclaim his throne, and he would end slavery in Gnomeland in exchange. Despite Richard Cipher’s reluctance, the Rising Fire agreed to hear Mennas out, and eventually agreed to travelling with him back to Gnomeland to fight for the cause.

They were smuggled into Gnomeland by Gazi Hasir, and then set about rallying the noble houses first, starting with House Runatar. The party then uncovered the Clockwork Army as civil war broke out in Gnomeland, and Mennas and the Rising Fire aligned themselves with President Rolstein.

Over the course of the war, Mennas continued to grow his support, drawing Turnia and Keshan into the war on his faction’s side, as well as gaining the support of specific regions of Gnomeland, Ushala in particular.

Once the civil war was over, Rolstein followed through with previous promises to let Mennas be crowned.

King Oberon of the fae crowned Mennas Merniso at the coronation stone in Nomesh, before the assembled dignitaries of the continents. Mennas was crowned as Mennas the Second of House Merniso, of the line of Marley, honouring his murdered father’s memory with his victory.


Mennas Merniso

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