Atarite alchemist from Underfall. Altos was his adoptive father. Returned to Talland to set things right.


Rescued as a hatchling after being rescued from a pirate ship off Talland. He was taken in and raised by Altos. He went to the Empire and trained as a Speaker there. He was sent back to Talland in the wake of the slaughter of Atarites in Underfall and the crisis of the div. He arrived only a day too late to save Altos from Lennard Tullen, who killed him in his sleep.

Charlie then took up the mantle of the Lark, to further the Altosian Heresy. (The Lark having been a persona first adopted by TomTom, and then by Navashal)

After the Rising Fire faked their death, Charlie ended up leading the resistance in Mullhaven against the Empire and its puppet dictator, Lord Marshal Leslie. He was embroiled in a war of scandals and accusations tossed between himself and Leslie regarding priest murders. With the help of the Rising Fire, Leslie was killed and Mullhaven liberated.

Afterwards, Charlie joined the Rising Fire in their attempt to extract two Godshards from Orsad. They did battle with Empress Agatha and destroyed her, only to have Ahriman steal the Godshards and for Orsad to collapse. Charlie disguised himself as Voytek when the Rising Fire found itself confronted with Reginald’s forces outside Orsad.

Once Orsad was over, Charlie raised an army of fanatics in Mullhaven and narrowly escaped an assassination attempt by Whisperers.

Charlie and Dakara attempted to steal the Pillar of Light with Mektin’s help. They tried to infiltrate Marshal Kuberna’s camp in Gnomeland after the Pillar was brought to Gnomeland to fight the Clockwork Army as part of an alliance with Mennas. They ran into Gazi Hasir, who was trying to do the same thing. Hasir succeeded, only for it to later be revealed that what he stole was an empty box.



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