Leader of Mennas' 'Horn knight' allies; arrived in Gnomeland with the elf allies.


A female halfling born in Eral’Tir, participated in a halfling uprising which was crushed incredibly quickly. Barely escaped to Hallyn with some other halflings and disgruntled lowborn elves after being hunted fiercely.

Once in Hallyn, tried to steal from a knight’s household, was caught and reprimanded, but old knight took pity on her and let her work for her keep. Turned out to be a capable individual and eventually squired and knighted.

Returned to former refugee communities to organize them and help them. Ended up founding a chivalric order of escapees from Eral’Tir, which seeks to end slavery in all of its forms – official and unofficial, and is seen by Eral’Tir as a threat. She met Mennas during his time in the court of the King of Hallyn, and they became friends (or more), and promised him her assistance under the understanding he’d use his influence as King to help her people, aside from a general attempt at ending slavery.



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