Possibly the biggest loser in Sa'Vard.


A man who tried his utmost to join the Stepfathers and failed three times.

His failure and personality turned him into a mercenary, predominantly employed by the Archduchy of Vasa.

When Mennas and Dakara were invited to the Archduchy, Arnam wasted no time fawning over Dakara and trying to convince her what a disgusting place the Archduchy was, and that it should be purged. Dakara ignored him and resisted smashing his face in when he grew insulting and arrogant.

He later massacred the Archduchess’ household guard and made an attempt on the Archduchess’ life before Mennas and Dakara stepped in and imprisoned him. They discovered that Ahriman had paid him an outrageous sum of money for the assassination attempt, as Ahriman felt threatened by the toxins Adelia was producing which could affect the div.

Mennas had Tuyja teleport him to the dungeons of Nomesh.



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