Archduchess of Vasan. A member of the Vishkanya race.


A survivor of countless assassination attempts.

She invited Mennas to the Rose Garden of Vasan, where one of the perfumes gifted to her after the banquet was diseased and which nearly killed her. Dakara managed to save her life, however. Mennas then began working out a trade deal with her, discovering that she was in the employ of a trade empire in the Far West. She also wanted Mennas’ help to take control of Eral’Tir in exchange for a deeper trade agreement. This led Mennas to believe the Far West was planning a take over of the East.

Thus, when Arnam tried to assassinate Adelia, Mennas held back and just watched, until stepping in and having Dakara chain up both Adelia and Arnam. Mennas then made a new, more beneficial deal with Xan Wu, who wanted Adelia’s position anyway, and sent Tuyja to bring Adelia to the court of Eral’Tir to confess her meddling in its affairs.



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